The Ultimate
Video Tracking Solution

Is Your Video Losing Viewers?

Every video loses viewers, but for you every person
who doesn't see your offer can be a lost client.

And it seems like things are getting worse. 
with even shorter attention spans and more videos competing for eyeballs.

Videotrails can help you stop losing viewers and help you win 'em back.
With Videotrails you can learn exactly what's working in your video and what is not.
In realtime.
Based on the viewing behavior of your prospect
you can automate your follow-up email with the right message. And keep those prospects in your funnel
so you can turn them into clients.

Videotrails is a video hosting platform for marketeers 
who don't want to "fly blind" with their video marketing.

The software is about to be released in private beta.

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  • Works like your email software: instead of email 'opens and clicks', Videotrails shows 'pageloads', 'videostarts', 'watched offers' 'conversions' and 'sales transactions'. Videotrails will trigger different follow up emails, depending of which stage your viewer is in the conversion funnel.
  • It's like Google Analytics for Video: Videotrails shows you when someone watches your video and what they do afterwards
  • Heatmap graph: shows you every viewer session.
    Where did they stopped watching?
    What did they skip? Which parts did they watch again?
  • Segment your email list based on video viewing behavior: add video to your landing page. Find out who has seen your offer and who hasn't. Send a customized follow-up to those who have seen your offer and a different one to those who haven't.
  • Engagement graph: shows you the engagement of the total audience. See what's working in your video and what doesn't.
  • Works on any device and any website: whether it's mobile, tablet or desktop.
    Upload your video, embed it on your website.
    Your video will play anywhere and track everywhere

What People Are Saying

Hugo Bakker

“With this tool William showed me exactly who watched my salesvideo and for how long.
With this information I was able to adapt my campaign strategy, so I could still reach my sales target.
William is the first in the Netherlands in the information marketing industry who can help you with this”