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on your own conditions..

Get rid of ads, competitor video's and distractions.
100% European Hosting and Privacy Proof.

Customize your Video Player

  • Make Your Video Player Your Own
  • Choose your Brand-color and Logo
  • Add interactive elements like: Email-Capture, Calls-to-Action and Related Videos
  • Forget about ads, cookies, and other distractions. Because we respect (European) Privacy Laws you don't need a cookie-banner, so start playing right away!

    Embed on your Own Website

  • Our Responsive Embedding makes your video look great on any device. No matter the screen size. 
  • Our platform can process any video format, whether it is square, vertical, horizontal or widescreen.
  • Use Popover embeds to show your video distraction free.
  • With our European CDN your videos load blazingly fast, so your viewers never have to wait.

    Powerful  Analytics

    Analytics is where Videotrails really shines. Hence the “trails” part in our name.

    Ultimately every video viewer is on a 'trail' towards either
    an answer,

    an extension of knowledge, or

    just simply an emotional  experience.

    With our sessions and engagement maps we show you precisely how they 'digest' the video. It is even possible to set triggers when a certain point in the video is reached.


    Related Videos

    Create a Video List and decide for Yourself what related videos will be shown when the video ends. Finally, no more competitor videos showing up on your website after your video stops playing.


    Email Gate

    At every timepoint in your video you can activate an emailgate. Viewers have to enter their email-address before they can continue watching. Decide whether you add a skip-button or not.
    Turn your video in a lead generating asset.


    Call To Action

    Put a button at the end of the video. Point to the page where you want the viewer to go after the video is ready playing.



    Generate subtitles with our a.i. voice-recognition solution.  Add multiple subtitles to your video player and support viewers with subtitles in their own language.

    Subtitles can be made searchable in order to help your viewers to find that specific position in a split second.


    PopOver Embed

    No matter the format: with “lights out”
    you dim the background and you draw full attention to your beautiful video, without distractions.


    Email Campaign Embed

    Direct  your email-subscribers to the videopage of your choice. When you have their consent to personalize their marketing experience you can segment them by setting triggers in the video.


    Create Your Own Thumbnails

    Create a Thumbnail from any frame in the video, no matter what the position is in the video.
    Find that special moment with our precision capture tool and turn it into a thumbnail that ‘clicks’.


    Share Link

    Use the share link to share to the most common social media platforms. Open Graph data, like title, thumbnail and pagelink will ‘automagically’ be included



    Measure the effectiveness of your story

    With our session heatmap you can view the individual viewing experience. This gives a granular insight of every single video viewer. Where did they stop watching? Where did they skip certain parts and what did they rewatch?



    Add all sessions up and you get the engagement graph. The engagement graph gives you insight in the behaviour of the entire viewer group of that video. Learn exactly what is working and what not. In real time.

    This provides you with valuable insights about the success of your video and gives you clues which parts of your video could be repurposed as highlight or video teasers on social media, for example.


    Viewer Identification

    By default all viewers are anonymous and only distinguishable by their session-id.

    In case you have obtained their consent you can add an id from your Email System, or Wordpress website, for example.

    Videotrails can process that and communicate via an api-link to your backend so you can "Tag" or recognize them in your own system.


    Projects & Navigation

    With our visual interface we try to make the
    video publishing process as smooth as possible. 

    The Thumbnail of the video is a clickable element which guides you toward your publishing goal with as little clicks as possible.

    The videos of every project are easy to navigate through. with just simple left and right buttons, which are always at the same position.

    No unnecessary menu options are needed to navigate through a project.

    Customer stories

    “With this tool William showed me exactly who watched my salesvideo and for how long.
    With this information I was able to adapt my campaign strategy, so I could still reach my sales target. William is the first in the Netherlands in the information marketing industry who can help you with this”


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